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The Band
 Farrago was started back in ’96.  None of us knew how to play guitars.  TJ called me up and we talked about starting a band.  I said, “Sure, why not?”  So, he learned guitar from his dad, I took bass lessons for a few months then quit cuz I didn’t have the time, and TJ’s friend, “Crazy” Andy Wight, had been playing for a little while and he said ok as well.  We asked Jim if would like to learn how to play the drums so he could be our drummer.  He said, “Yeah.” Basically, we all started from scratch.  We played some cover songs (once we got to the point when we could actually play together and not fuck up too much) and we wrote some of our own songs.  We made a demo tape of our first 4 songs.  It sucked ass.  It is never again to be seen in public or played for anyone.  We played a few parties here and there and the school Variety Shows but nothing big.  Then Andy graduated and had to leave for college in the fall of ’98.  We then asked Matt to join us and he jumped at the opportunity.  He’s been with us ever since.  We started playing more shows, pretty much set up by us, and thus started getting more of a fan base in our town.  In late 1999, they released their first album  entitled The Other Side.  Farrago has played countless shows locally and has  gained a tremendous following in their area.  Their sets are unmatched by  any other band around in their energy and excitement.  The jumping,  skanking, and sweating of the band are commonly greeted by the same actions  of the insane crowds.  For Farrago, it’s always about the music and money is never a major concern.  They simply want to expose everyone possible to their music.  Farrago wishes to bring their music to a national or at least a much larger audience.  Thus, they are currently unsigned and awaiting replies from 17 different record labels.

Desription of Music:
     We honestly don't sound like any other punk band out there. We cannot
be compared to anyone else. Believe us, we've tried. When people ask us who
we sound like, we always say, "Nobody." We're totally original and put a
whole new feel into the punk rock genre.
     You want songs where you can mosh so hard you pass out but then the
very next song has got you skanking out like you where relaxin' to some old
school? Farrago gives you all that and a bag of chips.

On-Stage Antics:
     Falling into drumsets, jumping off stage, skanking and losing pants,
moshing with crowd-ending up touching ceiling, and looking like swam in
clothes. Watch for falling musicians; they jump a LOT!
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