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Well Farrago isnt up to much right now, same old , same old. But definitley expect shows when Josh is back in town!
Farrago will be back in town and playing on December 30th. Watch this brand new shit with a new lineup. Can you resist not going?
Hey everyone, Sorry I haven't updated in madd long. Farrago is going through some mega changes coming up so keep your eyes peeled. I took Beattie completely off the sie now. New member changes to come so continue checking the site out frequently! I will promise to get all MP3's workign and up by Christmas! Although Nostalgia is working!!!!
Fixed Mp3, download that bitch!
I put a Mp3 on the site finally, go check it out!!
Vote Here Dammit!!!
Well Josh is in college fine. Talked to him yesterday. Has a cool Japananese roomate! Well vote for Farrago and check out the new show on the page!
The Farrago show last Friday went pretty good. Not tons of people but enough. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the bands. Even though some may be saying that was Farrago's last show, it isn't. It is their last show until everyone is around the area at the same time and everyone is accounted for. Look for so much more of Farrago in the year 2001!
Farrago will be one of the first bands to be reviewed in the new web zine Acid Burn e-zine. Acid Burn will be a monthly webzine that covers all local bands and will review shows, bands, and albums by local arists. Acid Burn e-zine will review Farrago's album, shows, and of course the band.

Matt Beattie has left Farrago. He has left in order to pursure further with Park Project where he is the lead singer and lead guitar. He will come back and play show dates with us until we have another. If you think you may be our next guitar player, pleae write us or email us or our manager!

Yes Farrago finally has a website up after 5 years of playign together. Check here all the time for up tp the minute updates on the band.